Case Studies

Kate | Mike | Jessie

Mike had been signed off work for six months due to a diagnosis of depression that his current role and line management exacerbated.
Mike works to tight deadlines and the role is highly pressured, this can be difficult to manage. His line manager does not have a good understanding of mental health conditions and was herself new to a managerial role so does not have all the skills or experience to support Mike.
Mike and the job retention worker completed a return to work plan including reasonable adjustments and actions necessary for her return. We then had a meeting with hisline manager and HR representative to discuss the plan and agree it ensuring Mike felt safe and supported returning to work after six months off.

Mike returned to work and has an improved working relationship with his line manager; he has gradually increased her hours since returning and is back to full time after one month.

Mike completed the return to work plan deciding the reasonable adjustments required we met the employer, they agreed it and Mike felt comfortable returning to work.
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